California Governor Gavin Newsom is accusing oil companies of price gouging. Politico reports:   Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday he would call a special session of the Legislature to consider a windfall profit tax on oil companies in response to the “outrageous and unconscionable” price of gas in California.  The governor told reporters the session […]

The Carolina Panthers fired head coach Matt Rhule today, just five games into the season. From CBS Sports: The firing comes a day after the Panthers lost 37-15 to the San Francisco 49ers at home in a game where Niners red seemed to take over half of Bank of America Stadium. Rhule, who led the Panthers to […]

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers (5-11) are one of the teams in the market to add depth at the quarterback position. Teddy Bridgewater future with the team is in doubt after last season, along with changes in the front office with Scott Fitterer stepping in at the new general manager earlier this month.