Dr. Chris Cooper from Western Carolina University discusses the race to unseat the youngest Member of Congress. Plus, more election results and analysis.

Dr. Andy Jackson, the Director of the John Locke Foundation’s Civitas Center for Election Integrity, analyzes the campaign to have Democrats register unaffiliated to vote against Rep. Madison Cawthorn in the GOP primary. Plus, the President speaks in Buffalo – in the wake of a massacre perpetrated by an insane white supremacist.

In this hour, Vince dives into the former presidents’ recent endorsement of Madison Cawthorn, The $40 billion Ukraine aid bill and the latest on the baby formula shortage.

Why on earth is Sen. Chuck Schumer forcing his Democratic colleagues to take a vote on an unpopular abortion bill when it’s sure to fail? Plus, US Sen. Thom Tillis joins me to discuss the abortion bill, Ukraine, immigration reform, and his message to Rep. Madison Cawthorn to “Man up”.

Another embarrassing video of Rep. Madison Cawthorn gets released as part of the “drip” campaign aimed at taking down the first-term Congressman from Western North Carolina.

In this hour, Chad talks about the potential Roe v. Wade fallout, Elon Musk and the latest on Madison Cawthorn.

Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) is drawing fire from all fronts in his primary re-election fight, including accusations that he may have engaged in illegal insider trading.

Dr. Chris Cooper from Western Carolina University joins me to discuss his piece at The Assembly: “Who Can Beat Madison Cawthorn?” Plus, Rep. Madison Cawthorn posts a video responding to the latest batch of scandals.

Vince talks about the economy, inflation and unemployment. Madison Cawthorn is in the news again. Plus, Elon officially buys Twitter, what’s next?