In this hour, Jason Whitlock comments on Lebron James and “weak” Americans. Ann Coulter bashes former president Donald Trump on her new podcast. Also, Aaron Rodgers comments on the NFL’s pushing of the covid vaccine.

In this hour, J.D. discusses history’s impact on today. President Biden attempts to pander to his base while commenting on recent spike of crime in America. Plus, Lindsay Graham says “there will be riots in the streets if Donald Trump is indicted.”

In this hour, the name of the Department of Justice should be changed to the “Department of Just-Us.” Also, more on the raid of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago.

In this hour, J.D. talks failed U.S. foreign policies. Border security continues to be a problem under democrats. Also, more on the IRS hiring 87,000 new agents and the latest on the newest definition of inflation.

J.D. dives into the South Carolina primaries’ winners and losers.

J.D. talks about the recent polling from WRAL showing that Cheri Beasley Leads Ted Budd. Also, more on President Biden and his comments on spending.

In this hour, President Biden’s comments on inflation. Are we headed for a recession soon?

In this hour, J.D. fills in for Vince. Think like the media. Democrats are not held to the same standard as republicans. Comments from President Biden.