Mark Pellin from Headline USA discusses President Joe Biden’s raid on the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Its the largest drawdown of America’s oil reserve in history and is expected to drain the resources to a 40-year low just ahead of the midterm elections. Biden’s SPR raids are slated to end next month and industry experts have […]

  While the stock market cratered upon the release of a new report showing inflation rising, the White House celebrated the demise of inflation. In one of the worst-timed political PR events in world history, the Biden Administration held a party to commemorate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act… just as the new data was […]

In this hour, The Inflation Reduction Act is insanity and will not reduce inflation. More on Donald Trump and his battle with the DOJ. Also, more parents are turning to home schooling their children amid growing concern of what’s being taught in schools.

In this hour, Vince talks about what the new Inflation Reduction Act means for the working class and small businesses. More on Liz Cheney’s obsession with taking down Donald Trump.

Analysis from the Joint Committee on Taxation finds the manufacturing sector will bear a massive and disproportionate share of the new tax burden imposed by Democrats’ newly-passed Inflation Reduction Act. And Democrats believe the best way to reclaim the mantle of The Party of the Working Class is to hire 87,000 IRS agents, obviously.

After touting 0% inflation for July, Democrats rammed through the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act.” Just as they redefined terms like “recession” and “raid,” perhaps this is a similar phenomena. It’s inflation that doesn’t identify as inflation. Hence, it’s transflation.

Brad Slager filling in for Pete Kaliner: Brad talks about what’s actually in the Inflation Reduction Act. Plus, Joseph Vasquez, writer for Newsbusters, joins the show to talk about media bias.