In the wake of the latest school shooting, rational, sane, and decent people try to conjure explanations for the barbarity. But there isn’t any. And attacking your fellow Americans won’t change that. Listen Here:

Tragedy strikes again. This time a school shooting at a private Christian school in Nashville Tennessee. JD breaks down President Joe Biden’s comments on the shooting. Also, Donald Trump appears on FOX News in an interview with Sean Hannity. Listen Here:

Brett Jensen was first on the scene at a shooting reported at West Charlotte High School. No injuries are reported at this time.

WBT investigative reporter “Breaking” Brett Jensen joins Bo Thompson with breaking news of more guns found in Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and his take on the North Carolina state primary elections being delayed until May.

Violence is nearly a daily problem in Charlotte schools. Jensen reports in about yet another gun found in CMS today.

"That makes 15 guns since August 25th"

"We're talking about a gun every 3 to 4 days that's being found on a CMS campus."