In an interview with Tucker Carlson, Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to comments made by Disney CEO, Bob Iger. Breitbart reports: DeSantis made the remarks during an interview Tuesday evening with Fox News’s Tucker Carlson.  Carlson set the stage by playing a clip of Iger, who chose his return as Disney’s chief executive in the wake of […]

Florida lawmaker passed a law eliminating Disney World’s special self-governing privileges after the entertainment giant caved to leftist employees and activists and took a political position on an anti-grooming law. These look a lot like Leftist tactics being adopted by the Right.

Disney jumped into a political fight over a Florida law aimed at preventing teachers from talking to K-3 students about sex. In response, the state legislature yanked the corporate giant’s privileged self-government district.

An Ohio professor wins a lawsuit against Shawnee State University. Disney+ and Netflix are seeing a large drop in subscribers, how much is inflation affecting this?

How people are being pandered to when it comes to transgenderism. Vince also talks about the NCAA and how they are affecting the current transgender climate.


A huge win for HBO with a total of 130 nominations across the board with HBO Max in the fold. One more than Netflix with the streaming giant receiving a total of 129 Emmy nods. In just their second year of Emmy eligibility, the streamers took on traditional television outlets and came out swinging for the fences over a year removed from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sources tell SBJ, Disney is expected to pay an increase of up to 30% from its current deal, which would be roughly $2.6 billion per year. An agreement comes after news leaked last week of a stalemate between the two sides, which initially were so far apart in price that some ESPN executives questioned whether to cut a deal.

According to the L.A. Times, "Each episode bears the 12-second disclaimer for a different reason, from Cash’s appearance singing in front of a Confederate flag to negative depictions of Native Americans, Middle Easterners and people from other cultures. Additionally, two episodes from the final season, featuring guest stars Brooke Shields and staff writer Chris Langham, are left out entirely." "The Muppet's Show" ran for five seasons between 1976 and 1981 in the U.K. after the original pilot was rejected by ABC. It was pushed into syndication in the U.S. after gaining popularity.


A 1950's black and white sitcom comeback meets Avengers in a slowed down, real life version; then you'll enjoy this spin on creative entertainment. A superhero named Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olson) and a robot named Vision (Paul Bettany) try to fit into a world meant for average humans.