Bill O’Reilly, author of 18-number one ranked non-fiction books – including the best-selling nonfiction “Killing” series – discusses the midterms, corporate media, and crime in The Big Apple. Also, Sam “The Bank” got arrested in the Bahamas yesterday, just hours before he was going to testify under oath before a Congressional committee investigating the epic […]

The former billionaire, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been charged by the SEC for defrauding cryptocurrency investors. CBS News has more:   The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the former CEO of failed cryptocurrency firm FTX with orchestrating a scheme to defraud investors.  An SEC complaint filed Tuesday alleges that Sam Bankman-Fried raised more than […]

One of the angles of the story about the collapse of cryptocurrency wunderkind, Sam Bankman-Fried, is how much of the PR to inflate the value of the ponzi scheme fraud relied on playing the game and adopting the language developed by the “woke” left. Listen Here:

Confused by the stories about FTX, SBF, CZ, and the demise of a cryptocurrency powerhouse? Read this piece by Jim Geraghty at National Review. Some highlights: Back in 2017, Sam Bankman-Fried noticed that Bitcoin was bought and sold at significantly different prices in different countries’ markets — sometimes 60 percent more than the lowest priced markets. He bought Bitcoin […]

Our cybersecurity expert Theresa Payton joins Bo Thompson talking about the Federal Communications Commission adding Russian antivirus software maker Kaspersky to its national security threat list, Ukraine selling a new Russian-war themed NFT, and President Biden pushing for a US digital currency.

Our cyber security expert Theresa Payton joins Bo Thompson talking about allegations that Hillary Clinton's campaign paid to infiltrate Donald Trump's servers, and the boom in the advertising of crypto currencies and NFT's, especially during the Big Game last Sunday.

Our cyber security expert Theresa Payton joins Bo Thompson with news that the trading app Robin Hood has been hacked, new cryptocurrency ATMs are appearing in public places and being hacked, another search engine is available that is supposed to allow for better privacy, and a cell phone setting that could be allowing others to eavesdrop on you.