Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden says his deputies will no longer be initiating traffic stops based on “non-moving” violations. From WSOC-TV: Deputies said they will not be stopping drivers for things like inspection violations, driving with a revoked license, having window tinting that’s too dark or having a tail light out. The sheriff’s office said […]

At last night’s Charlotte City Council meeting, Police Chief Johnny Jennings defended the department’s shift in the way it interacts with local media. Contrary to what media is reporting, Chief Jennings said it’s not a major change, at all. Jennings also went over the latest crime stats – showing a rise in violent crimes in […]

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Johnny Jennings is set to address the City Council tonight and give an update on crime stats in the Queen City. According to a report from WTVD: The Gun Violence Archive reported 29 shootings that led to a death or injury in Durham this past summer, which is a 31% decrease from […]

A majority the juveniles were involved in "high-risk activities such as prostitution and narcotics activity, and a few of them were victims of human trafficking," according to investigators. They also say the recovery of so many victims is nothing short of a miracle.


A record year for violent crimes especially homicides, up by 16 percent from last year. An astounding 122 homicides were reported by CMPD last year, matching the same total from 1993 despite a seven week Stay-at-Home order in place earlier in the year.