On the show today, more on the bank failures, Coach Doherty on the NCAA tournament. Additional discussion on the effect of the transfer portal and NIL on the NCAA,

Todays show features more on the recent bank collapses and the system failures involved. Additionally review of the Hunter Biden investigation, why do we have to make the environment so difficult, and a speciall edition of Dirty Restaurant Tuesday.

In this show Brett talks about the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, How institutions are failing us,  how the government is waging war against the average American.

Richard Weitz of The Hudson Institute joins the Brett Winterble Show with an update on the nuclear threat posed by North Korea and what can be done about it.

As we get ready to “Spring Forward” this weekend Brett shares his thoughts on the practice + lets you the listener weigh in.

Welcome to another edition of Crossing the Steams on the Brett Winterble Show with Good Morning BT host Beth Troutman as Brett and Beth talk about a new crisis coming to America: invincible pigs. Beth suggests a theme song for Tommy, TJ and Brett before Brett talks about an article warning about “super pigs” invading […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and WBT food critic TJ Boggs talk about how they feel about Peeps marshmallow candy before sharing some of the strangest flavors available today including kettle corn and Dr. Pepper + one caller has a suggestion for even more Peep flavor expansion.

On this Wednesday edition of the Brett Winterble Show a caller joins Brett and Coach Matt Doherty talk trash after Duke swept the season series vs. UNC this past weekend sparking a healthy debate between he and The Coach + another caller responds to Coach Doherty’s passion for coffee and Jim in San Diego kills […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show we’re joined by The Coach Matt Doherty who talks about the importance of chemistry both in sports and in business and how to develop it + why business is a contact sport before getting into a heated coffee debate.  

Have you noticed as you’ve gotten older your taste in music has stagnated? Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett dives into why as people age they decide to listen to less and less new music and why younger people seem to listen to any and everything.