Beth Troutman

Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson in the studio talking about Hancock's Bikes for Kids drive (happening today at Bank of America stadium), Beth's and Bo's first bikes, getting the Covid-19 booster shot, former Huntersville Mayor John Anarella running for the new NC 13th Congressional District, and 2021's most mispronounced words.

Former Huntersville Mayor John Anarella joins Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman to talk about his decision to run for the new 13th Congressional district in North Carolina.

Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson talking about the mini leg lamps that have appeared in the studio, the shortage of Santa's helpers who dress up like Santa Claus, and the latest on the deadly high school shooting in Oxford Michigan. 

Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson in the studio, bearing homemade coconut cream pie, talking about the warm, yummy magic of mulled wine, and getting us all into the spirit of the holiday season!

Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson with her reaction to the return of Cam Newton to the Carolina Panthers, favorite songs of the 80's - triggered by our news anchor Mark Mueller's top 100 songs of the 80's lists, and the power of baked goods cooked with love for Thanksgiving. 

Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson talking about Covid-19 and vaccine political developments with Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy, the Manning-cast jinx, and talks with former Charlotte city councilman and former Charlotte mayoral candidate Kenny Smith about last night's redistricting vote and the possibility that Charlotte City Council could restructure city government.

NBC Charlotte Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich joins Bo Thompson, Beth Troutman and Jim Szoke to talk about the cold air that is giving the Charlotte area a chill down, and which way the temperatures and precipitation may be trending in the winter months ahead.  

Beth Troutman joins Bo Thompson in studio with her take on enduring the 'life backlog" we all face in this era of a different kind of normal, today's Virginia gubernatorial election, and taking calls from listeners about where they are from, and where they would live if they could select any other location.

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman with perspective on inflation mixed with the supply chain backlog, the problem of relying so much on politicians rather than on people who know what they are doing, and his take on today's gubernatorial election in Virginia.

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Bo Thompson, Beth Troutman, and Jim Szoke for important discussions about nougat, whether or not to eat peanuts that are still in the shell, and nerd clusters!