Today on Dirty Restaurant Thursday Mark Garrison and WBT food critic TJ Boggs are back to talk about a South End taco joint and a repeat appearance for a popular steakhouse + why TJ has a bone to pick with some station sponsors!    

Over two years ago, hopes were high for “Football City, U.S.A.” to come to Rock Hill, SC. Now the relationship between the Carolina Panthers and the city is dead, but Panther’s owner David Tepper said he’s ready to settle up.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and Coach Matt Doherty talk with prominent New York attorney Bob Costello about this week’s raid on Mar-a-Lago by the FBI. Costello explains why he sees this as an overreach that will backfire + if he thinks President Biden was in the loop about the raid and compare […]

For police officers and park rangers of Rockaway Beach, New York, sweltering heat is no reason for rule breaking. Today on the Brett Winterble Show, Brett and The Coach Matt Doherty react to a story about a man who was arrested for swimming after hours + have a debate of Speedo’s vs. board shorts.  

The US Attorney General Merrick Garland belatedly addressed the nation regarding the raid on former President Donald Trump’s home earlier this week.

What crime might former President Donald Trump have committed to have warranted the raid on his home this week? Considering how little information we have, it’s speculative right now. And maybe that’s the point.

A reporter named as one of Donald Trump’s representative to the National Archives says the declassified documents the former President had exposes FBI abuses during the Russia collusion hoax.

In this hour, big government is destroying our country. More on the FBI raid of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago. Also, Nancy Pelosi comments on her trip to China.

In this hour, Vince breaks down the effects of the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago. Gas prices are declining but inflation is still at a 40 year high. Plus, we must do better at protecting our children.

WBT's Brett Jensen joins Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman live from Helsinki, Finland as his European Vacation tour continues!

You won’t find the best franks in Charlotte at the grocery store, in a restaurant or even at the ballpark. Mark Garrison takes you to a food cart in West Charlotte that will fill your heart and stomach — and won’t leave your wallet empty!

Brett is joined by Bold Gold Media founder Vince Benedetto to look back at the legendary life and career of author David McCullough, who passed away on August 7 at 89-years-old. Vince talks about some of McCullough’s best works, including which one’s he recommends the most and Vince shares why he sees McCullough as one […]