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Source: JOSE LUIS MAGANA / Getty

The rush to quickly impeach and to complete a trial of our former president has only further divided our country.

This happened while our current “Unit-er President” sat on the sidelines and let it happen while deflecting attention away from some of the most radical executive orders in our nation’s history, and ignoring the most serious question. 

Why are political leaders afraid to investigate anarchists from the left and right?

As a former mayor and governor, I actually did do my duty and enforced the law against rioters who destroy property, attack police officers, and kill citizens. What Republicans, Democrats and media have continued to do for the past several years is to underestimate the anarchists from the left and right. The goal of these anarchists is to destroy our institutions of civility (Government, religion, business). 

Our history, during just the past decade, has seen riots in which government buildings, private businesses and churches are attacked and destroyed.

These riots are not happenstance. They are infiltrated by well-organized, well-trained and well-funded groups using art of war tactics. They often unleash their terror and destruction during controversial police shootings, religious events, economic downturns, and political elections. The anarchist participants easily assimilate into political rallies, church gatherings, and non-profit organizations. 

In 2016, just weeks before a presidential election, my own reelection bid for governor, and soon after a controversial police shooting, riots started in my hometown of Charlotte. Media coverage was live and national. Religious leaders,  politicians and “community activists” were on the streets with signs and shouting the violent mantra of “no justice, no peace.” 

As governor, back in Raleigh, I watched the exaggerated national media coverage and sadly predicted what was to come–Violence– And it did.

I had seen this game before. Protesters with backpacks, tools, explosives, communication equipment– the anarchist had arrived. They were breaking windows, attacking police, blocking cars, setting fires, while proudly putting video on social media postings. 

Our North Carolina SBI director agreed with my assessment. The national guard needed to be called. Despite initial objections from Charlotte’s mayor and city council, I sent our national guard to protect our government buildings and highways so our outmatched police could focus on arresting the few anarchists causing the destruction. The rioting ended. Period. 

Instead of impeachment hearings, we need to investigate why political leaders, including our President, Speaker of the House, governors and mayors did not enforce the law while our businesses, government buildings, statues, citizens, police and politicians were threatened and attacked in cities including Seattle, Portland, New York, Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Raleigh and our nation’s capital. 

Who is funding, arming and coordinating these anarchists?

Politicians and the media describe, and sometimes defend anarchists, as left and right as though they are on a straight line. Wrong– They exist on a circle and meet at the bottom. They are the same and they will take our country down with them if we do not unite against this powerful enemy.