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The Home Depot is once again proud to present Home Improvement Experts John Gordon & Dave Dovell who’ll answer your home improvement questions with a combined half-century of on-air experience.

John continues to go down his list of nearly thirty questions (the list is growing…) that just go with owning and caring for a house. He starts with sharing how much difficulty & frustration the public experiences thanks to ceiling fans (Frankly,, I was surprised -Ed.). Dave suggests going outside as an alternative, but only if you’re planning to watch out for the exhaust from the ducts, as it doesn’t take much for it to start collecting.

How does one fix a rocking toilet? The secret is in the bolts. Only a nut would miss this advice. Also, how to fix a squeaky floor for once your kids move out of the house.

John & Dave are proud to have served WBT listeners for over 25 years.