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Joe Biden Marks His Inauguration With Full Day Of Events

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Being right and saying the right thing. Two parts of a presidential transition most all politicians use to ease tensions and slide into their new position. It’s nearly scripted like it was diagrammed in a playbook.

When you review today’s inauguration of Joe Biden, examine his words and see if they match his actions. The president is likely to say he wants unity, but his executive actions will undo key accomplishments set in place by Donald Trump. One of the many contradictions yet to come from Biden and the Democrats.

That’s part of the game. The President’s action speaks much louder than his words and those paying attention need to hear them loud and clear. Biden won’t say stop the impending impeachment of Trump. Why would he do that when it can push the Republicans down even further. If he cared about the country, his message of being united comes with doing the right thing and moving forward; not back.

Biden will likely kick the can down the road and say, “That’s the Senate’s decision” and not overrule the process. I think that’s a mistake by the president and would hurt the Democrats to live in shadow of Trump. This is where Biden will say one thing, but really be doing the opposite in the background.

It’s time to hold our leadership accountable on day one and not 14 days left in a presidency as a smear campaign. Listen to Pat’s entire thoughts below.