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Source: RINGO CHIU / Getty

The cancel culture is not done with Trump yet. Many people who were involved with the soon-to-be former president are getting put out on the street and reduced without work for one reason–Trump.

It’s part of a blacklisting effort by those in Washington, D.C. and the corporate sector to purge themselves from anyone or anything involved with the Trump brand. If you worked in the White House at any capacity over the past four years? Forget about it. Had an executive position at a Trump property or golf course? Nope, think again. It’s a toxic set of circumstances for guilt by association with Donald J. Trump.

When does that end or will it end at all? Some individuals who’ve been cast out into darkness have come back into the spotlight after an undefined amount of time. There’s no manual for the process of blacklisting. Some people do heinous, unspeakable things and end up coming back after a short period of time. Others stay on the island of rejection and do not return. How will people treat Trump, his family, and associates in the coming years? Is there a road for redemption after all? It all seems to be new rules of the game in this country.

Listen to Pat’s thoughts on the blacklisting of Trump below.