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President Biden Delivers Remarks On His American Jobs Plan

Source: Alex Wong / Getty

The rise of “cancel culture” and the idea of canceling someone has become a familiar pattern. We’ve determined that what a public figure does or says can be the “be-all, end-all” in our society. This has also turned into a game of identity politics with those on the left believing separation is needed in our society based on opinions or party lines. The two games being played by Biden and the Democrats.

The President is creating division by using identifying factors to develop his political agenda.

An extremely dangerous set of ideas that has grown into erasing one’s history, muting them and violating the free exchange of ideas, thoughts, and speech. Some of the founding principles of our democracy are truly at-stake here and Biden is escalating this behavior.

If you don’t agree with a person for their beliefs, get rid of them.

That is what the Democrats are doing to the Republicans. If they believe you support Trump, they’re not going to work with you. That’s the current set of standards we’ve established in the United States of America. Sadly, we’re going to slide into a place where the government is going to be the ones enforcing this “cancel culture” on citizens. The freedoms we’ve enjoyed will no longer be acceptable.

Biden is working to “divide and conquer” for the good of his party and not the good of the nation. The whole cancellation, blame, shun and repeat technique. It’s time to have a rational conversation in this country about what’s going on around us. Even if the Democrats want to place blame, we’re a better country than this.