COLLEGE BASKETBALL: JAN 27 North Carolina at NC State

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North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson believes there are concerns about indoctrination in public schools throughout the state. To combat that, he’s creating a new task force to document complaints from people afraid to speak up against local school boards.

Robinson held a news conference on Tuesday to address the need for a “tip line.” Most teachers don’t get into politics with their students, he said, but some do and he said he hopes to soon be able to show people just how widespread concerns might be.

“People say, ‘Well, where’s the proof?’ Where’s the proof?’” said Robinson. “We’re going to bring you the proof.”

The newly-elected Republican and his supporters stressed the need to protect religious rights, particularly from teachers amplifying LGBT issues.

But Bobbie Richardson, the chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, believes Robinson’s crusade is designed to avoid teaching students the facts about current events. He told the Associated Press there’s nothing political about issues like racism.

“Growing up in Franklin County, although we were post Brown v. Board of Education, I still attended a segregated public school,” Richardson said. “And as a former educator, I know that teaching our nation’s history requires taking an honest look at social injustices and movements that have made our country the more equal society it is today.”

What the Democrats aren’t talking about is the requirement by North Carolina school for privileged training.

All students are being taught about the toxicity of white privilege and how generations have “benefited” from oppression. This is the very definition of indoctrination. Let the educators tell students how to think instead of allowing them to form their own opinions. If it’s already written into the curriculum, there will be no room for objective contradictions from students.

This isn’t a matter of what’s right in someone’s eyes, but rather presenting subjects without bias.

One institution pushing this even further is NC State. The university requires training for all students on identity, power, privilege and oppression. I guess this is part of being in the Wolfpack. Remember, sometimes it’s better to be the lone wolf.

Listen to Pat’s thoughts on NC State’s indoctrination below.