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We’re nearing the 100-day mark in Joe Biden’s presidency and we’ve learned a lot about the longtime American politician. Some things we knew about the 78-year-old before taking office while others we’re seeing play out in real time.

Like any president, nothing is going to appease everyone at all times. Although, some of the policies and legislation being drafted at Biden’s request during this “settling in” period will likely come back to haunt his legacy. A nearly $2 trillion pork-wrapped stimulus bill rammed through congress without Republican support and very little to show for COVID-19 relief. Not to mention two-thirds of Americans are getting “free” money deposited into their bank accounts right now.

It’s easy to get voted into office on the promise of free. Let’s check back in two years and see if people remember they got a $1,400 payout. My guess is they won’t.  Also, our boarders are now wide open with immigrants flooding into the country hoping to get on Biden’s fast track to citizenship.

These are the problems that can’t be ignored. So, here’s a new McCrory Top 5 things we’ve learned about Biden.