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Source: Erik McGregor / Getty

A disturbing new trend is happening in America with environmental groups saying shutting down the economy was a good thing. They’re promoting this via press releases with the common message that bringing things to a screeching halt might slow global warming.

The “evidence” behind this notion is that since the US and others were frozen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, carbon emissions we’re at extremely low levels. While that may be true, shutting down the economy hurts everyone and there are no long term studies behind any other of their logic.

The environmentalists say to buy more electric cars, but fail to realize the power isn’t clean to make. These same folks also want people to stop eating meat. But none of this will have a real effect on global warming if the US are the only ones making changes. It’s a falsehood being fed to the American people by President Biden, who is getting his information from environmental groups and he’s making decisions based on their special interests.

None of this can reduce the amount of air pollution from factories like those in China and India. The US is a small part of a large equation and shutting down the economy isn’t the answer.