Tried Threads, bots are there too, but the newness of it is nice. The first and second cassettes I ever bought, and quality time spent in Spencer Gifts, Tarts and Record Bar on a Monday Memories podcast.

From Cowboy Classics to Benny Hill, garden hot peppers to Supreme Court critics, this podcast is all over the place!

The inner critic can be relentless, but so can you in responding to it.

WBT's Skyshow is only a week away! Also, Wagner group threatens Putin's power.

Kicking off season four of my Nebulous Ramblings podcast with kudos to the Kellar Radio Talent Institute and thoughts on the loss of the Titan submarine and her crew.

Who I pulled for in the NFL playoffs, why social media platforms like to censor information from non-socialists, and WBT's 100th Anniversary draws nearer.

Fun with plumbing, snow wheelin', and WBT 100th anniversary on the way. 

John Moore's Nebulous Ramblings #75 podcast, wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

"It's really cool the impact that men and women can have on young people by providing them a platform to fall in love with a sport, a musical instrument, technology, whatever it might be!"