Coulter Warlick is with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Charlotte Walk that is scheduled for Saturday in Uptown. Plus, Governor Roy Cooper sues state lawmakers over election laws. Again. Listen Here:

Viewing everything through the Marxist Oppressed vs. Oppressor lens is how Leftists end up dismissing atrocities committed by Hamas against women, babies, children, the elderly, and civilians. Listen Here:

The absolute irresponsibility of legacy media outlets and so-called disinformation experts who amplified propaganda by Hamas sparked mass protests and violence all over the world. Listen Here:

When he was Vice President,  Joe Biden’s office exchanged tens of thousands of emails with his son’s business. The newly-discovered emails blow up the lie that Joe Biden did not speak with his son about business. Along with new developments in the investigation into Biden’s storage of classified documents at his home, Americans are starting […]

Pierre Poilievre is running to replace Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and his evisceration of a leftist reporter is perfect. Plus, Christopher Rufo identifies the rise of the “Cluster B Society.” Listen Here:  

Hamas says one of its commanders was killed by Israeli Defense Forces, Iran threatens to expand the war, and Jordan’s King says neither his nation nor Egypt will accept any refugees from Gaza. Listen Here:

Pete reads emails and takes calls regarding the latest in the Israeli-Hamas war. Also, a lawsuit is filed challenging North Carolina’s new law restricting puberty blockers for kids. Listen Here:

With all of the protests on college campuses and in big cities in support of Palestine, why do none of the activists call for the release of hostages? If the goal is to reduce civilian casualties, releasing the nearly-200 hostages taken by Hamas would be a good first step to doing so. Listen Here:

A narrative is being promulgated online that Israel created Hamas, and so it bears the blame for Hamas’ attack a week ago. But senior editor at The Federalist, David Harsanyi, writes: Israel, instead, was largely indifferent to Hamas — one of many theocratic groups appearing at the time. When created, Hamas was best known for […]

Tony The Frequent Caller says he doesn’t really believe Hamas committed atrocities and that they just want their land. Listen Here: