Going down a musical rabbit hole related to Beth Troutman's song of the day on Good Morning BT, but can you guess which musical artist and why?

How the simple pleasure of freely roaming about, spending non-digital currency bothers some folks, and the similarity between politics and professional wrasslin'.

Writer's block, unblocked. The time has come to bust up some dirt, plant those vegetables, and engage in some general silliness.

Automaker Stellantis is making a huge mistake by canceling its Dodge Charger and Challenger muscle cars due to political pressure.

Doing your thing, whatever it is, natural area itchies, WBT Skyshow and more!

Kudos to Freddie Freeman, my coffee mug, WBT's Skyshow, and more!

My latest WBT podcast Nebulous Ramblings 92: Slip of the Tongue Confirmation - President Biden's press secretary has a Freudian slip that actually confirms something we already knew. 

My thoughts on teaching a class at the Kellar Radio Institute at Appalachian State University and visiting the campus where I spent my college days.