My thoughts on teaching a class at the Kellar Radio Institute at Appalachian State University and visiting the campus where I spent my college days.

Thrilled to be going back to my alma mater Appalachian State University to teach a one-time class about producing a radio show!

WBT announces a new morning show, Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman, and the UNC Tar Heels take on the Duke Blue Devils in one of the biggest college basketball games of all time - which one I'm pulling for, and why.

Some unedited thoughts of mine regarding WBT's 100th Anniversary, and an important choice to be made.

Here we go again, but why? Bad leadership, bad choices and the natural fallout from short-sighted legislation. 

Let's go tangent-ing, with neither masks nor guacamole, and the 100th Anniversary of WBT is coming!

Advertisements seen during the Big Game show the automotive industry reaching internal-combustion-engine-surrender mode, and a short tribute to a couple of kind souls who have made that precious trip home.