Brett Winterble is joined by a local caller to talk about the issue of farming and how moving towards electric energy is and will impact farmers. Caller Bill talks with Brett about why he decided to start farming for his family and how Biden’s energy policies could negatively affect him and his peers.

What do you love about your country? It’s not what do you love about your government? It’s not what do you love about your politician? It’s not what do you love about a president or a former president? What do you love about your country? I can ask you what you love about your spouse. […]

Brett Winterble takes your calls to listen to the stories of many callers with family members who served in WWII and participated in the D-Day invasion. Hear the stories of medics and pilots from your own backyard who fought for your freedom.

It is June the sixth 2022. We all recall the almighty sacrifices that were made by our heroes, our brave boys who stormed the beaches on this date in 1944. It’s incredible to see how much the world has changed since 1944. Here we are almost 80 years removed from our ascendancy into a true […]

This Friday on the Brett Winterble show featured Brett’s reaction to President Biden’s speech last night, his thoughts on the purpose of “The Great Reset,” and soaring gas prices in California as well as everywhere else in America + Brett and Bo Thompson cross the streams to discuss the which is the true melon monarch […]

Brett Winterble shares his thoughts on the possible de-barking of a Statesville Great Pyrenees which inspires a call from listener Travis who shared his own experience with de-barking a dog and share other stories from his childhood of exotic pets.

I watched what President Joseph Robinette Biden said last night in his address to the country, it was, quite frankly not surprising. It was a certainly very sad occasion to have to give that speech. Because a another school has found itself laid siege to or been put under siege, by the most protected class […]

Government is really not very good at moving the economy or maintaining the economy or getting the economy to grow, you can’t really do that sort of stuff, the economy has to kind of do its own thing. And I can give you a great example of this. Think of all the precise, amazing modeling, […]

TheĀ  Trooping the colors the celebration for the or the Queen of England, today is her 70th anniversary. And let me say this, I used to be one of those dismissers. Who needs this? Her Majesty has been there for 70 years. She’s like quite literally a walking, talking a treasure trove time capsule. She […]

In light of the Sussman verdict one thing is clear. Corruption is the rule of the day in Washington, DC. The messaging that comes out of this non conviction, despite the fact that everybody knows he lied to the FBI, he’s innocent, he was acquitted. I’m not looking for double, triple quadruple Jeopardy. I’m not […]