Brett recaps some back forth between some the best of generation x.

Brett Winterble is joined by Brett Jensen to discuss the stunning renovations made to the Charlotte FC Stadium!

WBT afternoon host Brett Winterble joins Bo Thompson and Brett Jensen talking about the shrinkage of Facebook's user base and drop in stock and former Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores' lawsuit against the NFL.

Bill Roggio joins the show to discuss yesterday’s Syrian raid that led to the killing of a top Isis leader.

Brett Jensen joins Brett Winterble to discuss how CMS intends to tackle the gun problem. 

Bo Thompson calls in for the daily crossover segment. Drama in the NFL, politics, and a preview of Thursday’s edition of The Bo Thompson Morning Show.

Brett is joined by Dr. Greg Monroe to discuss issues Catholic schools have historically faced, and how to handle said issues going forward.

Brett is joined by Dr. Matthew Schmidt to discuss the ongoing tension between Russia, Ukraine, and America.

Brett is joined by Gordon Chang to discuss China and the upcoming Olympic games.

Brett Winterble is joined by Ed Cabrera to discuss the rise of Republican voters in the Hispanic community.