Brett Winterble is back and opens his show with WBT reporter “Breaking” Brett Jensen to talk about the newly acquired Carolina Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield — who recently spoke to the media via zoom. Jensen shared what he believes the Oklahoma product can bring to Carolina + why he thinks the former No. 1 overall […]

We certainly all woke up on September the 11th and understood that demons demonically driven murderers could reach out anywhere in the world and kill innocent people. Well, earlier today, midafternoon over in Japan, we saw the assassination of Shinzo Ave. and Shinzo Abe A is the longest serving Prime Minister in Japan was the […]

Brett reviews this year’s annual running of the bulls in Pamplona.  

I want to take a different swing at what it is we’ve been talking about. And it’s this issue involving, obviously, the mutant in Highland Park. But there’s a bigger metaphor for what it is that we’ve seen happen here that I think we got to dive into, okay, what are we essentially trying to […]

I’m continuing to ponder this psychopathic vicious, nasty demonic mutant killer from Highland Park, Illinois. And the story that continues to come out about this guy is absolutely shocking on so many levels. But the thing that keeps hanging up with me sticking with me in my mind is how it is that this freak […]

Today an individual suspected of breaking into a home led police on a high speed chase though Charlotte and across the border into South Carolina, endangering the lives of many drivers and pedestrians alike. Brett shares his thoughts on how long he feels the driver should go away before expressing his opinion on the “hug-a-thug” […]

Kamala Harris faces the dubious distinction of being the first vice president of the United States to have broken the most ties in the Senate of the United States period. She falls right in line with John Calhoun and John Adams from back in the 18th and 19th centuries, combined period. This risks a dangerous […]

As an Independence Day Parade made its way through Highland Park, Illinois one man turned the occasion deadly, killing six¬† and injuring 30 more at the time of this post. What we have in this country is a crisis. We have a crisis of mixed messaging and damaged units and it is because of our […]

Brett talks the lack of punishment for crime, points out how Trump predicted Biden’s downfalls, and shares some quotes from our country’s founders.

As we approach Independence Day, Brett Winterble began his show addressing this question: how did we get to a place where criminals can go unpunished? To answer, Brett explained the concept of Marxist Criminology and how those policies for the police and other public institutions are a means of obtaining social control. He also explains […]