Amazon Automation

Source: Amazon Automation

At Amazon Automation we provide our clients passive income in two unique ways

  1. We build/manage/operate Amazon stores for our clients where we do all the work Find/Research/List/Ship handle all the customer service. Most clients probably spend less than 1hr a week looking at their business/ Amazon store. Most of  our 150+ clients love the idea of investing online, love the idea of investing with Amazon, they just don’t want to spend the time/energy/effort to figure out and then do all that hard work on their own. This unique investment opportunity requires good credit and at least $20,000 in capital for us to build out your own E-commerce business. Own your own online business, but you don’t have to work in the business.2. FBA pool (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Generate passive /residual income by investing in inventory with our already successful Amazon stores and participate in earning 2.0889%/monthly or 25% annual return. This investment opportunity requires a minimum of $50,000 investment . For more information visit