At the time of this recording, 30 guns had been found at CMS schools throughout the 2021-22 school year. 30 is a record number for the school system in the past 10 years (previous high: 22 in 2018-19). “The fact that no guns have killed anyone on a CMS campus is nothing short of a […]

An Asheville crisis pregnancy center was threatened as pro-abortion groups feat the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade. Mark Garrison talks with the center’s director.

Brett Winterble is joined by a local caller to talk about the issue of farming and how moving towards electric energy is and will impact farmers. Caller Bill talks with Brett about why he decided to start farming for his family and how Biden’s energy policies could negatively affect him and his peers.

What do you love about your country? It’s not what do you love about your government? It’s not what do you love about your politician? It’s not what do you love about a president or a former president? What do you love about your country? I can ask you what you love about your spouse. […]

North Carolina Democratic lawmakers say the state should give everyone with a driver license $200 to help pay for skyrocketing gas prices. This excludes undocumented drivers and is obviously a racist policy, as it relies on NCDLs for access.

WRAL-TV is amplifying a sermon delivered by North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, and demanding other Republicans play the “Defend or Disavow” game. Plus, Charlotte officials say creation of an entertainment district around the Hornets’ arena will hinge on development of a new transit center.

The City of Charlotte will begin negotiating terms of a $275 million deal with the Charlotte Hornets that would give the NBA team a new practice facility and renovations to the Uptown arena. City Councilmembers say they’re trying to make the best of a bad deal from nearly 20 years ago.

In this hour, Transformation Tuesday. Also, more on rising gas and oil prices – is there an end in sight?

In this hour, a new cancer trial reveals all participants are now in remission. Also, what role does big media play in America becoming more angry and polarizing.

Welcome to the inaugural edition of “Breaking with Brett Jensen!” Today Brett takes a deeper dive into the epidemic of guns brought to campus at many CMS schools — something that has been impacting CMS schools all year long — before telling the astonishing story of a shooting threat and how the authorities bungled things. […]