“Breaking” Brett Jensen is sitting in for Mark Garrison today on Charlotte at Six and broke down what all the drama between the Panthers and city of Rock Hill means for the franchise as well as the two cities at the center.

Government is really not very good at moving the economy or maintaining the economy or getting the economy to grow, you can’t really do that sort of stuff, the economy has to kind of do its own thing. And I can give you a great example of this. Think of all the precise, amazing modeling, […]

Democrats’ opposition to the NC Senate’s “Parents Bill of Rights” is another example of how disconnected the party has grown from the concerns many parents have about the public education system.

The  Trooping the colors the celebration for the or the Queen of England, today is her 70th anniversary. And let me say this, I used to be one of those dismissers. Who needs this? Her Majesty has been there for 70 years. She’s like quite literally a walking, talking a treasure trove time capsule. She […]

Highlights (and lowlights) of the debate over North Carolina’s “Parents Bill of Rights” legislation that passed the state Senate this week.

Republicans – and one Democrat – in the North Carolina Senate passed a bill detailing parental rights for those with kids in government schools. Democrats say the bill is anti-LGBT because it prevents inclusion of sexual orientation or gender identity in the curriculum.

In this hour, more about the recent shooting in Oklahoma. Also, Vince talks about LGBTQ and it’s place in the school environment.

In this hour, Vince discusses the recent shootings that took place in Texas and Oklahoma. Plus, the energy crisis and a potential economic disaster.

In light of the Sussman verdict one thing is clear. Corruption is the rule of the day in Washington, DC. The messaging that comes out of this non conviction, despite the fact that everybody knows he lied to the FBI, he’s innocent, he was acquitted. I’m not looking for double, triple quadruple Jeopardy. I’m not […]

Mark Garrison hits the streets to talk with Charlotte residents about the Gold Line and the problems have experienced with the trolley car including its the speed and reach + what could be done to improve it…but why the city might not.