Mecklenburg County is collaborating with the Charlotte-based charity Samaritan’s Purse to send 30 bulletproof vests to war-torn Ukraine to help in their fight against Russia. Tonight on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett updates the situation in Ukraine as well as shares background information about the war — including numbers of Ukrainian refugees who fled to […]

The Cabarrus County school board race is heating up with 11 candidates. Mark Garrison spoke with Sean Turner, a Marine, who has gotten a financial shot in the arm for his campaign — by raffling off a rifle. All the tickets sold in no time.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show, Brett wrapped up the week by sharing his thoughts on President Biden’s trip to and comments about Saudi Arabia + his take on the Secret Service deleting evidence on Jan 6. and protestors outside of SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh’s and others homes.

Charter Day School in Leland, NC saw its dress code struck down by a federal court for being a violation of the US Constitution’s equal protection clause. Plus, a Democrat judge on the NC Supreme Court might have a conflict of interest in a landmark school funding lawsuit.

Who is pushing the White House to consider student loan forgiveness… and how it could be a boon for conservatives.

The Biden Administration is kicking around the idea of “forgiving” student loans – but could it be disastrous for his (and Democrats’) electoral prospects?

Liberals don’t want to celebrate the country that gives them the things that they have. many of the issues of the day could be fixed if we would return to letting faith guide us, Wrap-up of the current energy policies with callers.

In segment one Senator Joe Manchin has officially said that he will not support any more of the Biden spending program. The main reason is that it would make inflation worse. Segment two is devoted to some good news and a school system in Georgia is allowing non-teaching staff to carry a gun. Vince discusses […]

Voting is open in Charlotte for the city’s next mayor and city councilors and, as seems to be the norm, Democrats have dominated those hitting the polls so far. Brett shared his expectations for the election, explaining why he thinks Republicans are fighting an uphill battle and gives context to the numbers that have emerged […]

If you happened to step outside pretty much anywhere in Charlotte this morning, you probably noticed a less than pleasant aroma hanging around the city. Today on “Breaking with Brett Jensen,” Brett takes you through exactly how what seemed to be a natural gas leak developed and was responded to by authorities. He also shares […]