After initially reporting that 63,000 gallons of gasoline had spilled and most of that had been recovered, the pipeline's owner, Colonial Pipeline Co., acknowledged in January that 1.2 million gallons had actually leaked from the ruptured pipe." Over four times more than initially reported by Colonial and one of the worst spills in the state's history. 

Following public disagreements with Republicans on how schools should reopen, Cooper said, "Coming together after acrimony isn't easy, but it's the right thing to do for North Carolina. The good news is I think we all want the same thing. To open our schools for in-person instruction for all students and to do it safely with important emergency protections."

"90 percent of (the bill) has nothing to do with COVID And even some of it that something to do with COVID won't be spent until 2027-28 around education," Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) told The Pat McCrory Show with Bo Thompson on Wednesday.

The state's Division of Motor Vehicles discontinued the specialty plates in January, citing their potential offensive nature of the symbolism. Frank Powell, a spokesman for the state chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said officials never discussed the move with the group or suggested any alternatives. "They just cut us off without warning, after what, 23 years without a problem,' Powell said.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Pepé Le Pew had already been written out of LeBron James’ Space Jam sequel more than a year ago. Lew Pew was in the original film starring Michael Jordan." THR went on to report “there are no current plans for the controversial cartoon skunk to return” for any future projects.

Shortly after 7:20 p.m. Monday, officers responded to reports of a shooting at the Walmart located at 8180 South Tryon Street in the Steele Creek Division. When officers arrived, they located evidence of a shooting inside the business and began a search for the suspect and anyone injured.

The comfortable southern-style Americana eatery is located at 8520 Pit Stop Ct. N.W. in the Colonnade shopping center. “We’re excited to be at this location,” co-owner Paul Manley said about the opening. "We want to bring the same atmosphere with the great quality food and service we established at the Belmont location."  

CMPD issued 209 citations for panhandling in 2019, and 55% of those cases were dismissed. There is a projected dismissal rate of 70% when pending cases are factored in. CMPD has found that arresting individuals provides exposure to services like mental health while the individuals are detained.

A North Carolina judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by parents in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools who want to do away with students in virtual classrooms. The lawsuit filed last September alleged that student's productivity levels dropped without being in-person. The group also argued that kids without computers would fall behind if there was no real classroom instruction. 

As part of a new bill in the state Senate sponsored by Sen. Samra Brouk (D-Rochester), Kindergarten students would be required to learn about sexual health and the courses would be mandatory statewide. Some of those advocating for this is “Sex Ed for Social Change," a progressive special interest group influencing Brouk's proposal.