Students at Waxhaw Elementary School were asked to write tweets from the perspectives of various Civil War figures and display the ones they were most proud of on a school billboard, according to a report from WCNC. A photo displayed like a billboard was posted on the school's Facebook page, featuring hashtags like "#SlaveryForLife and #SlaveryForever from made-up accounts called "Don't Stop Slavery" and "Confederate4life"

Due to the Black Panther star's untimely death, the nomination for best actor was expected but still unprecedented. Boseman is the first Black performer to ever be nominated posthumously for an Oscar. The Anderson, South Carolina native died at the age of 43 on Aug. 28 after a lengthy bout with colon cancer.

"A year ago, we were hit with a virus that was met with silence and spread unchecked, denials for days, weeks, then months," Biden said. "That led to more deaths, more infections, more stress and more loneliness." At another point, Biden pulled out his mask and expressed amazement that it had been turned into some sort of political statement.

A base of over 1,200 adults were surveyed last week, and out of that group 49% of GOP men said they wouldn't get a shot. While approximately 30 percent of Americans overall said they do not plan on getting vaccinated. The other half of the Republican men said they would get the vaccine or had already got it.

Halifax County deputies filed multiple charges against Ronnie Sanderson, 31, of Scotland Neck, NC, including felony statutory rape and felony statutory sexual offense, according to news reports. The victim was said to be between the age of 13 and 17.    

Police say the incident happened around 1 a.m. in the Mint Museum Tower Parking Garage in downtown Charlotte. Shamond Sellers, 19, is accused of holding a knife to the victim's throat, blindfolded her and bound her hands behind her back with rope. Police said the woman was able to free herself and call for help.

“While I will ask legislators to revisit some areas of this legislation, including changes necessary to quickly deliver rental assistance, these funds will bring needed relief for people who are struggling, schools and small businesses as we strive to emerge from this pandemic,” Cooper said.

The rest of the Group 4, which includes a portion of essential workers, will become eligible April 7. “This move to Group 4 is good news,” said Cooper. “I know there are many efforts across the state getting vaccines to people as quickly and fairly as possible and I want our providers to know that their work is making all the difference.”

A bipartisan push for independent investigations into Governor New York Andrew Cuomo conduct is gaining more support throughout the county. Despite growing concerns over sexual harassment allegations and a nursing home scandal, one democratic leader remains silent about his colleague's actions.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools made the decision to forgo the dances altogether due to the associated risks with indoor gatherings. But sporting events all across the state will go on as planned with an increase of people in attendance.