The biggest NFL game of the year and one of the biggest sporting events in the world is the annual Super Bowl championship game. Every year, the Super Bowl is watched by tens of millions of Americans all across the country. This year’s Super Bowl, Super Bowl LVII, will be between the Kansas City Chiefs […] The post What Is the Cost of a 30-second Super Bowl Commercial in 2023? appeared first on WIBC 93.1 FM — Indy's Mobile News.

After the devastating earthquake that has so far killed thousands in Turkey and Syria, Brett shares some information about how common earthquakes are in this area and about some of the worst one’s in history.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett preview’s tonight’s State of the Union Address from President Joe Biden. Brett shares how and why the people who are selected to sit in the First Lady’s box tonight are chosen + gives you names and information about some of the different people you’ll see tonight. Follow along […]

Update on the testimony from the Alex Murdaugh trial. Listen Here:

Wrapping up the dragging of a racist and vile ACLU lobbyist. Plus, the North Carolina Supreme Court agrees to fix two terrible decisions handed down by the previous lame-duck leftwing activist court. Listen Here:

Pete’s simple question about whether a 7:00 pm public government meeting was held under the “cloak of night” prompts a barrage of racist, bigoted, and homophobic tweets from the NC ACLU’s Deputy Director of Engagement. Listen Here:

President Biden will be addressing the country at tonight’s State of the Union address. CBS News has more:   Each year, members of Congress and the first lady use invite guests to the State of the Union who they want to honor, thank or use highlight particular issues.  President Biden is delivering his State of the Union […]

by Sharon Thorsland It’s been a tough week for North Carolina. The Tar Heels had a late meltdown and lost by two to Pitt, then fell to arch rival Duke on Saturday in a game where they couldn’t find any offense. That dropped them to 15-8 on the season and 7-5 in ACC play. They’ll […]

As the General Assembly takes up a Parents Bill of Rights to let parents know what is happening in public school, Mark Garrison reports on the CMS Gender Support Plan. It allows kids to change gender at school without notifying the parents.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Bo Thompson of Good Morning BT joins once again for Crossing the Streams to talk about all the biggest story lines from the weekend from the Chinese Spy Balloon to Pro Bowl weekend in the NFL. Bo and Brett talk about why they don’t think the Pro Bowl weekend […]