An increase in jellies is leading to a decrease in jollies for beach goers in the Carolinas. Mark Garrison talked with multiple people vacationing on the coast, including his daughter, who have said the jellyfish are EVERYWHERE + a marine biologist who explains the uptick and how to treat stings.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Beth Troutman is in for Bo Thompson and she talks with Brett about the attack on author Salman Rushdie before he was supposed to speak at an event in New York today. Beth and Brett talk about the fatawah against Rushide that dates back to 1989 as a result […]

This Friday on the Brett Winterble Show Brett shares why he thinks you shouldn’t care all that much about the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Winterble explains how the media benefits from events like this and why you need to not play their game.

I oppose the death penalty, but am willing to allow it for people who recline their seats on short airline flights – potentially injuring passengers sitting in the emergency exit seats (a/k/a: the Hero Seats). Plus, the CDC waves the white flag on COVID.

After years of attacking law enforcement as institutionally racist, Leftists now say that criticizing the FBI inspires violence against law enforcement. No word on whether this standard applies to Border Patrol agents on horses.

While the Department of Justice said it would let its court filings and investigation speak for itself, people inside the DOJ are reportedly leaking to media. The Washington Post reports that the TransRaid on Mar-A-Lago was aimed at recovering “classified documents related to nuclear weapons.” Trump called that a hoax.

  By Sharon Thorsland Around the NFL, hope springs eternal in August. And there is plenty of optimism surrounding the Panthers. Star running back Christian McCaffrey is healthy again, the defense gets cornerback Jaycee Horn back, and oh yeah, we’ve got a quarterback competition going on that’s got fans buzzing. Baker Mayfield and Sam Darnold […]

 In this hour, Faith Focus Friday. Gender affirmation in the Episcopal church. We must be focused on restoring our republic, not revenge. Plus, Joe Manchin comments on the IRS.

In this hour, Vince discusses the damage done to our country in recent years. AG Merrick Garland comments on the raid of Donald Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago.

Today on Dirty Restaurant Thursday Mark Garrison and WBT food critic TJ Boggs are back to talk about a South End taco joint and a repeat appearance for a popular steakhouse + why TJ has a bone to pick with some station sponsors!    

Over two years ago, hopes were high for “Football City, U.S.A.” to come to Rock Hill, SC. Now the relationship between the Carolina Panthers and the city is dead, but Panther’s owner David Tepper said he’s ready to settle up.

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett and Coach Matt Doherty talk with prominent New York attorney Bob Costello about this week’s raid on Mar-a-Lago by the FBI. Costello explains why he sees this as an overreach that will backfire + if he thinks President Biden was in the loop about the raid and compare […]