CATS released the video of the road rage murder of drive Ethan Rivera.  

Brett Jensen discusses new safety measures to help protect city bus drivers.

In segments one and two Pete reviews an articale by NC Policy Watch on a State Education Advisory Council. Segment three starts with a review of the Republican City Council Candidates plan for protecting CATS drivers. Segment four covers an article from the Cato institute on Daylight Saving Time.

Pete discusses a report from The American Enterprose Institute on education and how the news media handles Critical Race Theory.

Pete discusses the appointment of Wilhemenia Rembert to the Mecklenburg County Board in segment one. The remainder of the hour is devoted to a tweet by Huntersville Mayor Pro Tem Stacy Phillips on The Florida Education Bill.

Vince plays excerpts of comments by Nancy Pelosi, Jen Psaki, and Rick Santelli of CNBC talking about inflation, and discusses.

Vince opens the show talking about inflation. Segment 2 addresses Biblical prophecy. Segments three and four were devoted to transgendered people going back to their original gender.

Brett Jensen found the county refuses to talk to teachers about fixing their payroll issues.  

Former Mayor, Patrick Cannon, tries to explain why he took bribes as mayor.

The entire hour features excerpts of patrick Cannon interviews and a discussion of voter fraud.