A new policy in Canada would allow those with a mental illness to partake in “assisted suicide,” if multiple doctors were to sign off. Breitbart has the story:   Canada legalized assisted suicide, which it prefers to call by the euphemism Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), in 2016. Euthanasia was initially limited to patients over […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett talks about how the international law firm representing Caroline Ellison in the FTX fraud case is involved in other sinister dealings in the legal world. Brett discusses this history of Wilmer Hale and how some of their work has led to tragedies like 9/11 before sharing what he […]

Today on the Brett Winterble Show Brett explains why he thinks the politicians in Washington are really united in one thing: bettering themselves and why a system that is abused isn’t actually failing. Amid the debacle involving FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried, Brett shares how the elites work against you before comparing the collapse to other […]

Charlotte residents who seek a concealed handgun permit (CHP) need to get a permit through the Mecklenburg County Sheriff. Part of the process includes a check with local mental health facilities to see if a person might be a danger to themselves or others. The sheriff is also sending records requests to the VA – […]

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden appeared on “Breaking with Brett Jensen” last week, where he discussed his controversial handling of concealed handgun permits (CHPs). He is being sued for the second time in two years by Second Amendment groups and residents for frustrating the ability to get CHPs. McFadden claims he is simply doing due […]

Bill O’Reilly, author of 18-number one ranked non-fiction books – including the best-selling nonfiction “Killing” series – discusses the midterms, corporate media, and crime in The Big Apple. Also, Sam “The Bank” got arrested in the Bahamas yesterday, just hours before he was going to testify under oath before a Congressional committee investigating the epic […]

The former billionaire, Sam Bankman-Fried, has been charged by the SEC for defrauding cryptocurrency investors. CBS News has more:   The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the former CEO of failed cryptocurrency firm FTX with orchestrating a scheme to defraud investors.  An SEC complaint filed Tuesday alleges that Sam Bankman-Fried raised more than […]

I’m still trying to make sense of this. Brittney Griner for Viktor Bout boot, whatever. However pronunciation is I don’t really care, frankly, the guy’s a murdering dirtbag. And it’s interesting because it continues to be the fixation for the press. Because this is about the Biden administration making a deal to get Brittney Griner […]

You all did something so incredible with Hancock’s bikes for kids. We had a tremendous time and I know you’ve been hearing about it across the the dial here and across the day parts but it was such a remarkable opportunity to get together get to make all these new friends I met a whole […]