Brad Slager from RedState.com & Townhall.com discusses the collapse of the legacy media gatekeepers. Plus, Biden’s new Ministry of Truth to be run by a spreader of disinformation.

Chad discusses an article about how Russia may lose the war, ask why did we not impose sanctions as prevention instead of as a reaction.

Chad discusses our energy policies, build back better and the continued over reach of the US government.

In this hour Chad discusses the continuing NC emrgency order, and general over regulation by the government. In the second half of the hour the discussion shifts to infaltion and our federal energy policies,

In this hour Pete does a review the US Supreme Court denial of a an emergency appeal to the NC Legislative Redistricting Map.

Segments one and two are discussing Patrick Cannon’s candidacy for Charlotte City Council. In segments three and four more on Patrick Cannon and additional candidate filings.

Brett Winterble from WBT joins Pete to discuss CPAC, and listeners continue to give their perspective on Ukraine.

In hour 3 Pete discusses how effective the measure implemented by the white house might be and in segment 3, Dallas Woodhouse, from The Carolina Journal discusses the NC redistricting battle and where it is going.

In the first hour of the show, Pete talks about Mecklenburg County's response to outing the un-vaccinated in an accidental email wasn't really an apology at all.