In segment one  South Carolina Congressman Jeff Duncan joins to discuss what our approach should be to Ukraine. The remainder of the show has Vince asking what should be our message to Russia about Ukraine.

In segment one Vince continues on US leadership, China and petrol dollars. In segments two and three the discussion shifted to the use of pronouns that are being required.

In segment one Vince played excerpts from the Zelenskyy speech to the US Congress and comments by former General Kellog, In segments one and two  Rob Eno of the Blaze, weighed in on the Zelenskyy speech and actions we should or could take. Segments three and four were US leadership, China and petrol dollars.

Vince talks about a Russian Priest who is apologizing to Ukraine for the war, an article on Western Christianity by Steve Crosby, and a Pastor in California who has excommunicated a women who had an abusive husband because she would not stay with the man.

In segment one Vince lays out how the leadership shows weakness. In segment two Vince cites a Breitbart report detailing how the green energy policies in The UK is causing their energy costs to go up while wages are stagnant. The remainder of the show is about how the United States is making the same […]

Vince plays excerpts of comments by Nancy Pelosi, Jen Psaki, and Rick Santelli of CNBC talking about inflation, and discusses.

Vince opens the show talking about inflation. Segment 2 addresses Biblical prophecy. Segments three and four were devoted to transgendered people going back to their original gender.

Vince highlights a pastor in Canada for to resign over abuse, and do Christians really believe the Bible.

Vince reviews the legislation in Florida prohibiting teachnig sexual orientation in kindergarten through third grade, and the legislation prohibiting critical race theory. Also played part of President Biden’s announcement on Russia. Vince also played an excerpt of a Zuby video on diversity.

Vince focuses on the wisdom of allowing kids to be connected too early and on our mental health  since covid, and the war on Ukraine.