In this hour, Vince talks about the recent protest by AOC. The House passes a bill that will help preserve same-sex marriage. Also, the latest on Covid-19.

In this hour, Vince discusses several shootings that have recently taken place. Plus, Inflation and its impact on the average American.

Vince discusses a piece by Steve Crosby on how we relate to each other, animals relate to us better. The University of Pennsylvania has nominated a transgender woman, Lia Thomas for the NCAA Women of the year. A candidate for the US Senate in PA A says that Re[ublicans cannot raise enough money and Iran […]

Vince opens the show talking about how corporations ar promoting wokism and leftist polices are using this to limit the freedom of their employees. Covid just will not go away and mask mandates are making a comeback. The second half of the hourwas a discussion of legistation in the US House of Representatives on Same […]

In this hour Vince discusses how the cost of automobiles have not only gone up but with rising interest rates the payments are as well. Bernie Sanders and the democrats are angry with Joe Manchin. Congressman Jamaal Bowman comments about the potential for Civil War.

The first two segments are on the shooting in IN, excerpts from the police chief press conference there, and how the transgender policies of the Biden Administration have been blocked by a federal judge. Vince discusses how voters of color are becoming more supportive of republicans. In addition Asian Voters are trending republican as well. […]

In segment one Senator Joe Manchin has officially said that he will not support any more of the Biden spending program. The main reason is that it would make inflation worse. Segment two is devoted to some good news and a school system in Georgia is allowing non-teaching staff to carry a gun. Vince discusses […]

Discussion about the potential effect of Donald Trump running for president in 2024 on the midterm elections. Will Republicans run or support him.

In segment one, Vince discusses how the current round of inflation is caused by government spending. Callers discuss how the liberals are trying to destroy the country. Segments two and three bring a review of the case of a 10-year-old who was raped and pregnant. Turns out she did not have to leave Ohio for […]

In this hour, Jill Biden’s latest comments at an event in San Antonio, TX. Also, the recent comments made by Sen. Ted Cruz on border security.