Vince Coakley talks about why he doesn't have an issue with Charlotte streets having Confederate names. One of the many issues with a select group of people working to rewrite history in this country. 

The way President Biden is pushing the value of the dollar further and further down will have lasting consequences. Vince Coakley breaks down why more people should be concerned about the impending inflation crisis.

Vince Coakley examines how long President Biden might be in office after facing the Afghanistan turmoil. 

Rep. Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) joined The Vince Coakley Radio Program on Tuesday to express his feelings on the infrastructure overhaul bill. The over $1 trillion proposal initially pushed forward by President Biden and the Democrats heads to the House for a vote. 

About 70 million Americans are refusing to get vaccinated against COVID-19, leaving an obvious question— what are those abstaining going to do? With the advancements in medicine there might be a daily option to fight the virus. A pill to fight the underlying symptoms and help contain the spread. Would you be willing to take it?

Vince Coakley asks a thought-provoking question about Black Lives Matter and their followers. 

Vince Coakley draws a stark contrast between how the U.S. treats immigrants from Mexico and those coming from Haiti. A recent video from an incident at the southern border shows agents on horseback whipping a Haitian immigrant before he was quickly deported. A process rarely seen with those of Mexican decent.

An article from the New York Daily News details how the U.S. is currently on the verge of surpassing the death toll from the 1918 Spanish Flu with the COVID-19 pandemic. In the "next day or two", side-by-side numbers show COVID-related U.S. deaths at 673,763, according to Johns Hopkins University data released on Sunday.

Vince opens up his show talking about a new report linking Saudi Arabia’s involvement in aiding the 9/11 hijackers and why the United States isn’t going to go after the Middle Eastern country. LISTEN:   HEAD BACK TO THE WBT.COM HOMEPAGE CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR APP AND TAKE US WITH YOU ANYWHERE! THE LATEST:

Vince Coakley talks about Bob Woodward's new book in which General Mark Milley of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff was so worried about Donald Trump's mental state that he went out of his way to reach out to China to avoid war.