Vince discusses the suspect who shot at six police officers in Charlotte being released after a day in jail. In segment two he plays excerpts of comments by Senator Joe Manchin on inflation. Segment three is on immigration from Ukraine.

In segment one Vince reviews the story about a dog attack and discusses dangerous animals. The remainder of the hour is on the Supreme Court Hearings, and how do we handle immigration from Ukraine.

Vince reviews the senate hearings on supreme court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Vince devoted this hour to transgenderism and the timidity of republican governors to stand up to it.

Chad discusses the national debt and the ongoing Ketanji Brown Jackson nomination hearings.

In this hour Chad discusses the difference between the perception of Trump versus Biden.  Additional discussion ws based on an article in the Washington Examiner about how the democrats want to rule by executive order.

In this hour the conversation is on Hunter Biden and climate change.

In this hour there is a brief discussion about Russia and the war in Ukraine. The remainder of this hour was discussion on how the last presidential election has impacted our lives.

Vince reviews a couple of pieces from Steve Crosby on the Bible and Religion during this hour.

Segments one and two cover how the Bureaucrats are fighting the President’s policies like the post office as an example. The remainder of the hour was about the continuing federal mask mandate.