In this hour, Therapeutic Thursday. Also, a few other local and national stories.

In this hour, Joe Manchin caves on energy and heath care bill. People need to stop worshiping Donald Trump. Plus, America is officially in a recession.

In this hour, Televangelist T.D. Jakes says fathers need to be more present in young men’s lives.

In this hour, Tariq Bokhari, City Council member from district 6 in Charlotte, joins the program to discuss last night’s City Council election. Plus, recent events in the Netherlands show the great reset is a real possibility.

In this hour, Transformation Tuesday. More on inflation. Also, Vince takes calls on the topics of mental health and Donald Trump.

In this hour, refusal to comply with Covid restrictions leads to arrests in Alberta, Canada. How inflation is affecting families across America, Plus, City Council candidate Kyle Luebke joins the program to talk about election day in Charlotte.

In this hour, Vince discusses whether or not Donald Trump is the most persecuted President of all-time.

In this hour, some praise-worthy stories. Democrats refuse to say a recession may be coming. Also, the latest comments from former president Donald Trump.

In this hour, Faith Focus Friday. The latest on monkeypox and the first polio case discovered in 10 years. Also, The government is backing GM brand electric cars over Tesla.

In this hour, Illegal immigration numbers continue to rise. Our justice system is seriously flawed. Also, more on the abortion debate.