Vince discusses how there are 5 million more jobs than unemployed workers. In segment two vince discusses how the 7 hour gap in the phone log does not matter. In segments three and four the focus was about the new Florida education law and  the Disney World response to it.

Vince discusses the trend for people and particularly the younger generation to drift away from organized religion.

Vince opens the hour discussing parental involvement and the Florida Education law. Segmnt two was a review of what is going on in Ukraine. The remainder of the show was on Will Smith and his relationship with his wife

Vince played the joke and the audio of what Will Smith said to Chris Rock. In the last segment Vince talked about the google technology that allowed him to recover pictures that he thought were loast.

Vince discussed the comments from President Biden on Saturday that included calling for Putin to be out of offce and pointed out that Biden continues to look weak. In segment four Vince discusses an article from Blaze about work on vaccines that are contagious and can pass from person to person.

Vince discusses how we should move away from dependence on organized religion. He gives several examples of religious leaders have had to step down because of scandals.

Vince reviews the president’s remarks from Brussels on food shortages. The remainder of the hour was on the enrgy prices, potenti al food shortages and what the public opinion.

Vince discusses the suspect who shot at six police officers in Charlotte being released after a day in jail. In segment two he plays excerpts of comments by Senator Joe Manchin on inflation. Segment three is on immigration from Ukraine.

In segment one Vince reviews the story about a dog attack and discusses dangerous animals. The remainder of the hour is on the Supreme Court Hearings, and how do we handle immigration from Ukraine.

Vince reviews the senate hearings on supreme court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson.