In this hour, JD breaks down the NC Senate race between, Ted Budd, Pat McCrory and Mark Walker.

In this hour, Vince shares recent abortion comments made by both Gavin Newsom and Nancy Pelosi. Plus, recent abortion protests.

In this hour, Vince talks Roe v. Wade, Justice Clarence Thomas says the Supreme Court “won’t be bullied.” Also, Elon Musk’s goals for Twitter moving forward.

In this hour, Chad touches more on Covid. Plus, Chad gives his take on gender identity and transgenderism.

In this hour, Chad talks about the recent jobs report and what it means for the future. Also, the effects of Covid and lessons we have learned during the pandemic.

In this hour, Chad talks about the potential Roe v. Wade fallout, Elon Musk and the latest on Madison Cawthorn.

Chad talks about the issues democrats are currently facing. The recent Roe v. Wade leak, border security and Covid just to name a few.

In this hour, Vince dives into the latest news involving Elon Musk. The CDC has been tracking millions of phones during Covid to see if citizens complied with their recommendation to stay home. Also, an assisted suicide recently took place in a Canadian church, Vince gives his thoughts.

Vince discusses recent events sounding Roe v. Wade. Plus, Democrats have had 50 years to create abortion legislation, why do they care now?

On this Transformation Tuesday: Self-examination. Vince talks about a recent post made by Dr. Steve Crosby. Also, Justice Roberts says that the recent leak won’t affect how the Supreme Court votes on Roe v. Wade.