More classified documents were found… at the Indiana home of former VP Mike Pence. CNBC has more:   Lawyers for former Vice President Mike Pence said a “small number” of classified documents were found at his home in Carmel, Indiana, last week.  Pence’s lawyers notified the National Archives and Records Administration of the discovery on Wednesday, according […]

What does reaching the debt ceiling mean for social security? CNBC reports:   Now that the U.S. has hit the debt ceiling, lawmakers need to revisit the federal budget and find ways to make cuts, Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat representing West Virginia, said in interviews this weekend.  But that should not include cuts to Social Security […]

More classified documents have been discovered at President Biden’s Delaware home. NBC reports:   Six additional items, including documents with classified markings, were found in President Joe Biden’s Delaware home after Justice Department officials searched the residence Friday, the president’s personal attorney said Saturday.  The search was prompted by the White House, not the Justice Department, […]

Vince broadcasts live from the 31st Annual Crime Stoppers Barbeque at the Union County NC Agricultural Center. in the first hour NC House representive Dean Arp joins to discuss economic development in NC and Union County. Miss North Carolina Karolyn Martin stops by to talk about her experiences. Union County Commissioner Richard Helms discusses the […]

Vince discusses government spending. The Hill Has more:   Republicans in Congress have been eager to position themselves as the fiscally responsible counterweight to what they consider budget-busting and inflation-increasing overspending from the Biden administration. But just two weeks into their new majority, House Republicans have shown their true colors, and it’s more likely than not that […]

More on the Biden documents. The Hill reports:   The discovery of classified documents at President Biden’s old office and Delaware home have thrust Attorney General Merrick Garland back into a situation none of his predecessors have encountered.  Garland has, over the past three months, appointed two special counsels to review the handling of classified documents: […]

Vince Coakley is off today, so J.D. Hayworth is filling in. Listen Here:

Another batch of documents has been found at Joe Biden’s home in Wilmington, Delaware. FOX News has more:   President Biden was dragged on Twitter Thursday for suggesting that a second batch of classified documents discovered in his home were securely locked in his garage alongside his Corvette.  Biden sparred with Fox News White House correspondent Peter […]

The latest example of inflation is the rising price of eggs. FOX Business reports:   In November, grocery prices increased 12% compared to a year ago, according to the Consumer Price Index. Egg prices, however, outpaced the overall index and showed the highest annual jump of all food categories, increasing 49.1% compared to a year […]

Vince discusses Joe Biden reportedly holding onto classified documents from when he was Vice President. ABC News reports:   The new chair of the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday notified the White House that his panel is investigating President Joe Biden’s handling of classified records from Biden’s time as vice president — some of which were found in November at […]