Hour 1   In this hour, Queen Elizabeth II is currently under medical observation due to health concerns, The royal family will travel to the Queens residence to be by her side. Joe Biden continues his attack on American ideas and values. A recent poll by Reuters shows that a majority of Americans view MAGA […]

  In the first hour, it is time for genuine leadership when it comes to energy. Michael Shellenberger joins the Megyn Kelly Show to talk about the future of energy supply and consumption. California has declared an energy emergency after facing rolling blackouts amid heatwaves. So, the state of California is asking its residents to […]

Hour 1 In this hour: The importance of relaxing and unwinding “Non-woke” movies, Top Gun and Spiderman top the box office, proving that people want an escape from politics. Donald Trump made a visit to Pennsylvania and commented on President Biden’s speech from last week. Calling Biden and “the people who control him,” enemies of the […]

In this hour, according to the White House, the biggest threat to democracy is… MAGA republicans. Some forces within our government are overreaching and should be disassembled. Also, Libs Of Tik-Tok have been suspended from Twitter for “hateful conduct.”

In this hour, Vince discusses the latest example of a Biden power grab. The size and scope of government must be reduced. Plus, politicians are only out to protect themselves, not the American people.

In this hour, Jason Whitlock comments on Lebron James and “weak” Americans. Ann Coulter bashes former president Donald Trump on her new podcast. Also, Aaron Rodgers comments on the NFL’s pushing of the covid vaccine.

In this hour, J.D. discusses history’s impact on today. President Biden attempts to pander to his base while commenting on recent spike of crime in America. Plus, Lindsay Graham says “there will be riots in the streets if Donald Trump is indicted.”

In this hour, Donald Trump demands to be reinstated as president or hold a new election. Plus, mega church pastor steps down after an inappropriate online relationship.

In this hour, people who intentionally stir the pot are pure evil, regardless of political affiliation. Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is just one of many companies to move headquarters to more gun friendly states. We now have two sets of facts when it comes to republicans and democrats. Also, Dems to voters: if you […]

In this hour, NFL QB Aaron Rodgers joined Joe Rogan to talk about how hard the NFL was pushing the Covid vaccine last year. The modern woman movement is all about empowering the woman and putting down the man. Plus, an Australian company’s big push to move to electric vehicles by 2025.