Solar flares are putting us at risk for a major geomagnetic storm. The president is showing weakness by not supporting Israel. On Faith Focus Friday, tainted views on and threats to manhood. Some schools in Virginia are being renamed after confederate generals.

Welcome to this Hump Day edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program!

Tune in here for this Tuesday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program! NTSB releases report about the crash of WBTV's helicopter. Israeli's take control of the Rafa border. Chicago police clean out University of Chicago protestors. Also, guest Wayne Jacobsen for the full 11:00 hour talking about life, love, and restoring a broken marriage.

Brett Jensen Fills in for Vince Coakley

Tune in here for this Wednesday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program — with Breaking Brett Jensen filling in! Brett starts the show by talking about the modern day news cycle, what brought it to the point we’ve gotten to today and how that impacts places like Charlotte after events like Monday’s deadly shootout […]

Welcome to this Tuesday edition of the Vince Coakley Radio Program. Vince begins the show with WBT host and reporter Breaking Brett Jensen for the latest in the Shannon Park shootout in east Charlotte in which three US Marshalls and one CMPD officer were killed. Vince shares the names of the officials who gave their […]

Welcome to another week on the Vince Coakley Radio Program! Vince starts the show by sharing his thoughts on the protestors on college campuses and what it will take to get the situation under control + what he thinks of the “demands,” the protestors are making. We also talk about a story from WSCO about […]

Inflation seems to have slowed raising the possibility of lower interest rates, Scotus seems to be looking at a narrow version of immunity for the presidency. On Faith Focus Friday, a look at the controversy surrounding the Trump Bible. Audio and comments about the Anti-Israel protests.

GDP Problems & Presidential Immunity

Happy Hump Day from the Vince Coakley Radio Program! Vince gets the show started by talking about the protests on college campuses and how they are being handled and how he sees it as another example of poor leadership from people in powerful positions + share what one Columbia professor is saying after being barred […]