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We enter the Zone of Dumbassery listening to speakers against a proposal to stiffen the penalties for performing obscene acts in front of kids. Listen Here:

Proposed legislation in the North Carolina General Assembly would increase penalties for performing obscene acts in the presence of children. The list of sexual conduct is already codified and would not change. But opponents to the bill say it will be used to arrest drag performers. Listen Here:

Anti-school choice lawmakers and pundits call the proposed expansion of North Carolina’s school voucher system “reverse RobinHoodism.” But Robin Hood reclaimed from the government the wealth taken from the peasants. So, vouchers are more like Robin Hood than not. Listen Here:

North Carolina ranks #2 in America for economic prospects. Plus, dogs get cleared for outdoor dining. But not cats. Listen Here:

After North Carolina voters approved a state constitutional amendment to implement voter ID, four Democrats on the NC Supreme Court overturned the will of the people. Voters ejected the Democrats from their majority on the bench, and the Republicans have now overturned that mistake. Listen Here:

The newly-elected Republican majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court tossed out three rulings made by the previous Democrat majority. Rulings on voter ID, redistricting, and felon voting were all overturned. Listen Here:

Examining what went right and wrong in the pandemic response. Meanwhile, a teachers union chief tries to revise history. Listen Here:

In a lengthy series of interviews with the New York Times, Dr. Anthony Fauci says he never ordered a single school or business closed during the COVID pandemic. He says he simply made recommendations. Listen Here:

It’s time to pounce and seize, conservatives, after cameras caught President Joe Biden using a cheat sheet during a news conference. The card listed reporters to call upon as well as the question the reporter would be asking. Also, Dr. Anthony “The Science” Fauci reviews what went wrong during the COVID pandemic response. Listen Here:

After years of not caring what San Francisco government officials think about North Carolina, the leftist city leaders are scrapping their ineffective and self-sabotaging boycott of travel to the Tar Heel state. Listen Here: