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Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) have adopted a deflection strategy when questioned about President Joe Biden’s connections to his son’s shady business deals. Right now, it’s a demand for “direct evidence” that Joe committed a crime. They do this because they either don’t know there is evidence or they think you don’t. Listen […]

North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore notes how often gun-free zones are the setting for shootings, and maybe eliminating those restrictions would reduce the appeal to evil actors. Outrage ensues. Listen Here:

With just a 5% turnout in Charlotte’s primary, is this “what democracy looks like?” Also, it highlights a phenomena where Republicans leave cities because they have no voice in their government, while Democrats flee because they did. Plus, casino gambling is stalling the adoption of the state budget. Listen Here:

Dale Folwell, Jesse Thomas, and Mark Walker appeared at a Wake County GOP debate last night. However, the frontrunner, Mark Robinson, did not. He also did not show at a debate today in Charlotte. Listen Here:

The Wake County GOP held a debate last night between three of five candidates for North Carolina Governor. The frontrunner – Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson – was a no-show. Listen Here:

Former North Carolina State Supreme Court judge Mike Morgan announced he is running for Governor. He’ll be up against the current Attorney General, Josh Stein, in the Democratic primary. Also, another leftwing activist gets appointed to the state’s high court. Listen Here:

The governor of New Mexico issues a “state of emergency” to unconstitutionally criminalize lawful gunowners. But law enforcement officials and prosecutors are refusing to enforce her order. Listen Here:

From impeachment of President Joe Biden, to impeachment of the Governor of New Mexico, to RICO charges against leftwing protesters… the new rules written by Democrats and media are now being applied to them, too. And they are not happy about it. Listen Here:

Criticized by leftists and media (but, I repeat myself), the bussing of migrants from red border states to blue sanctuary cities has been a smashing success – as Democrat leaders are now making all the argument Republicans governors have been making. Listen Here:

A nation that doesn’t take it’s security seriously is not one that learned lessons about vulnerability from the 9/11 attacks. Listen Here: