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When Republican legislative leaders announced the expansion of Medicaid, they tied it to passage of the budget and said it would help secure priorities that might otherwise get vetoed. But now they’ve split Medicaid expansion from the budget and married it to casinos and video poker. And maybe this was the reason for Medicaid expansion […]

After saying that state-level heartbeat bans are terrible mistakes, former President Donald Trump is drawing fire from pro-lifers. But maybe he’s just lying to get elected. Listen Here:

In an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, former President Donald Trump said he’d negotiate a compromise solution to the abortion debate. He added that states adopting “heartbeat bills” is a mistake, though. Or maybe he’s lying to win back suburban women voters. Listen Here:

The US Senate changes its dress code so the laziest dressing shlub can make speeches in his pajamas. Plus, Rep. Lauren Boebert caught on video vaping and getting fondled during a theater performance. Listen Here:

From Northlake Mall to Minneapolis to San Francisco, violence – particularly among juveniles – risks sending cities and stores into a descending spiral towards uninhabitableness. Listen Here:

Screen Strong founder Melanie Hempe joins me to talk about the organization’s efforts to educate parents and kids about the dangers of smartphones before age 18. Listen Here:

Some Australian executive said if a job candidate doesn’t offer to wash their coffee cup on the interview then he doesn’t hire them. As one who cleans after others at the office, I can assure you that this test is crap. Listen Here:

It’s illegal for foreigners to fund political campaigns, but one Swiss billionaire has found a way around that restriction. He funds Arabella Advisors. Which then funnels hundreds of millions to progressive groups seeking to change the USA. Listen Here:

New research examines whether a predisposition towards authoritarianism is actually what motivates Trump supporters. (Spoiler: It’s not.) Listen Here:

CNN runs interference for the Biden administration in a “fact checking” piece on the impeachment inquiry. But in their efforts, the CNN reporters end up making a solid case for the inquiry.