The Pete Kaliner Show Podcast

From increased crime, to Palestinian protests blocking roads, to self-described transgender women accosting teens in locker rooms, the antagonism towards civil society will continue until Americans determine they've had enough.

The Israeli Defense Force reportedly will retaliate against Iran, after the Islamic Republic launched a barrage of missile and drone attacks over the weekend. Plus, weird taxes.

Iran launches an attack on Israel over the weekend, and it failed in such a spectacular manner that a narrative has developed that their humiliation was intentional.

Former President Donald Trump goes on trial today - with jury selection beginning in a Manhattan. Plus, North Carolina Congressman Dan Bishop discusses crime, the FISA vote, and the Iranian attack on Israel.

Today is the anniversary of the Halifax Resolves - which was the first colonial call for American independence. Plus, a line dancing troupe is kicked out of a competition for wearing shirts with the stars and stripes.

In a hearing with US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, US Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) laid bare the lie that illegal immigration is not impacting US elections.

We're monitoring the House debate and vote to reauthorize the Foreign Intelligence and Securing America Act. Plus, no amount of spin will convince Americans that the Fundamental Transformation of the Biden Administration has been a net positive.

The Sheriff of Mecklenburg County claims the NC Department of Health and Human Services jail inspectors are targeting him and the jail he oversees because of his race and his politics. There have been four deaths in five months.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Garry McFadden accused the NC Department of Health and Human Services of racially-motivated and politically-motivated targeting him when it inspects the jail he oversees. 

A tribute by the late Norm MacDonald to OJ Simpson who died yesterday. MacDonald hosted "The Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live where he covered the OJ Simpson murder trial.