The Washington DC city council overrode the Mayor’s veto and softened penalties for violent criminals and gun crimes. Listen Here:

Opening statements and the first witness takes the stand in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial in Colleton County, SC. Listen Here:

A new survey finds that election laws enacted by Georgia did NOT suppress votes – despite catastrophizing by Democrats and media. Listen Here:

US Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, says there are plenty of other Democrat Congressmembers who could serve on the House Intelligence Committee. McCarthy blocked their appointment, in a fight picked by Democrats in the House. Listen Here:

Terrible rainy weather means the Motor Morons swarm the roads with their lights off. Listen Here:

NC Auditor Beth Wood’s story about her Dec. 8 car crash is insultingly bad. Listen Here:

North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood smashed her state-issued sedan into a parked car on December 8 after leaving a “holiday gathering.” She was immediately whisked away into a law office. She reported the incident to the state’s motor fleet service, and avoided an accident investigation. Listen Here:

Half a dozen charges are filed against the former Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s counterintelligence division in New York for conspiring to violate US sanctions against a Russian oligarch. Also, former Vice President Mike Pence announces that he, too, found classified documents in HIS home. Listen Here:

It seems like the fight might be manufactured in order to help launch a new project. Listen Here:

Jury selection began today in Colleton County, SC in the trial of Alex Murdaugh who is accused of murdering his wife and son. Listen Here: