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CNN reports (based on anonymous sources) that the FBI has an audio recording of former President Donald Trump talking about possessing a classified document after he left office. Listen Here:

The head of the FBI is refusing to turn over an unclassified document that outlines a n allegation that then-Vice President Joe Biden engage in a $5 million bribe with a foreign nation. Former President Donald Trump attacks his former press secretary. Plus, the LA Dodgers un-dis-invites a performance group that mocks Christians. Listen Here:

As House Freedom Caucus members in Congress rail against the debt ceiling deal negotiated with the President, details of the bill seem at odds with the messaging being delivered by proponents. Listen Here:

Limited government advocates are very unhappy with the debt ceiling deal negotiated by US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden. But some Republicans say this is the first step needed to start to “right the ship” – and that the GOP doesn’t have the leverage to extract concessions from the Democrats who control […]

What’s in the negotiated debt ceiling deal? Why are some Republicans opposed to it? Why are Democrats outraged over it, too? Listen Here:

A shootout on a Charlotte bus. The looting of a Lululemon store in Atlanta. The latest signs of a society that is losing its shared sense of trust and an expectation that we should follow laws. Listen Here:

David Strom at writes “America is fraying today because, without the common sense of purpose, nothing else binds us.” We’ve lost our shared sense of trust that our nation’s ideal is freedom, not oppression. Listen Here:

The battle for the Republican nomination for North Carolina governor is getting a bit more crowded, as former Congressman Mark Walker announced his candidacy over the weekend. He’ll be competing against Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and NC Treasurer Dale Folwell. Robinson is considered the favorite to win the primary, but might be less electable in […]

This episode is presented by Old Grouch’s Military Surplus — Rendered impotent by Republican legislative supermajorities, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper pulled the lamest political stunt in modern history by declaring a fake “state of emergency.

Blogger Anthony Bernardi claims “promoting the notion that anyone can achieve success if they simply work hard and wake up early, it ignores the structural racism.” Meanwhile, in Los Angeles unveiled a new light pole as part of its Gender Equity Action Plan.